Ryan Armstrong
Change management. Learning. Maps.


These are the research projects I have underway:

  1. Organizing for well-being within PhD programs and in research communities—This is the evolution of the Asociació d’investigadors en formació, a project about creating a strong community of organizational PhD researchers that tragically failed but whose spirit lives on. Its continuation is an interdisciplinary project which addresses the mental health crisis in PhD programs.

  2. Learning or Failing? Towards finding a balance - Organizations need to succeed, but failing is a great way to learn. This project explores the question - How can organizations find the right balance, and what happens if they don’t?

  3. Resolving retroductive, abductive, inductive, and deductive approaches to knowledge building in management - These logics are often presented as conflicting. This paper aims to argue that when they work together knowledge building flourishes. A semi-critical realist take.

  4. A stratified view of performance management - This project is a realist synthesis of the theory that explains performance measurement and management and outlines its many levels”

  5. Agile for Social Innovation

I’m just extra hands on this project that Daniel Manitsky carried out. I mainly ask silly questions.

On the side I’m into exploring the Catalonian countryside on foot or on bike, sustainable gardening, worm farms, eco-construction, reading philosophy, and trying to walk on my hands. I enjoy communicating in a general sense and welcome frequent interaction with humans and other mammals. Do feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating.