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St. Jordi! And viz tools

23 April 2019

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St. Jordi (St. George’s day) is a big day in Catalunya.

Tradition has it that the girls buy the boys books and the boys buy the girls roses (actually usually one overpriced rose wrapped in plastic and red and yellow ribbon). Unfortunately, Alina was down with the flu, so our St. Jordi was spent mostly inside. No books for me.

But lo, redemption: My newest visual facilitation tool came in the mail!


It’s a WaCom Intuos, which fit my needs for a Windows-compatible tool.

Difficult to use after playing for the last few days on Alina’s iPad, but after several minutes of tinkering I’m feeling more comfortable and ready to create some content.

The result of the tinkering: drawing

Not awe-inspiring, but then, I bought it to draw circles and lines and the occasional iceberg.