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Drawing Closer to PhD Well-Being - A Visual Workshop

14 May 2019

This is a workshop organized with the Institut Catalá d’Investigació Quimica, with the support and collaboration with Scientists Dating Forum. It’s my second visual workshop aimed at doctoral (Ph.D. “Students”) and other early career researchers (ECRs).

There is evidence that this group is suffering “Future Shock”: threats to their well-being due to vastly increasing rates of change in technology and the way we organize around it, which appears to be affecting higher-education especially. Recent studies place the number of ECRs suffering from mental health issues around 1 in 3, nearly 6 times the rest of the population with similar education.

The workshop takes aim at developing what Alex Grey cited as one of the most needed skills of the future, complex problem solving, to uncover the patterns, social structures, and ways of thinking that often drive and sustain unhealthy practices.

Here’s the event poster, compiled by the multi-talented Pablo Bonilla at the Institut Catalá d’Investigació Quimica:

Event Poster