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From my journal. Brief thoughts on ups and downs

13 June 2019

This is the first post of mine that is straight out of my journal.

Entry Date and Time: 6 13 2019 9:31 AM

Duration of writing: 2 block Words written: a bunch. not sure . 1000? probably 1000. Working on: blog, agile, well-being


So yesterday I’m down about a rejection from Warwick and today I get two emails, one inviting me as a ‘keynote speaker’ (quotes because my first thought is “are you frigging for real” and doubting that they are friggin for real) and the other one inviting me to be co-author on a paper that appears to be for some type of predatory editorial service (where their realness or lack thereof is not in question).

Conclusion: Chin up. Embrace rejection. Love learning. Epoché for the betterment of being and life.