Ryan Armstrong
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On the contemporary workplace and human suffering

23 June 2019

From Dashtipour, P., & Vidaillet, B. (2019). Introducing the French Psychodynamics of work perspective to critical management education: Why do the work and the organization of work matter? Academy of Management Learning and Education, In Press:

In contemporary workplaces, we witness the widespread poor treatment of workers, increased precariousness of work, high levels of stress, and work intensification. The way in which organizations are managed and how work tasks are structured both have profound implications for workers' health and life spans (Pfeffer, 2010). While organizations today are more attuned to tackle suffering (Allard-Poesi & Hollet-Haudebert, 2017), "suffering bodies at work" (Courpasson, 2016: 1095) remains a significant social issue as evidenced by the prevalance of feelings of powerlessness in organizations (Felstead, Gallie, & Green, 2015) and workplace suicides (Clegg, Cuhna, & Rego, 2016; Waters, Karanikolos & McKee, 2016). Insofar as suffering is related to oppression, social justice, and democracy, it should be of key concern for critical management education (CME).

Apart from being a very well written introduction it seems to me like it could serve as a justification for studying organizations in general.