Ryan Armstrong
Change management. Learning. Maps.

Work with Me

I work with organizations to face the challenges that come along with operating in a complex, changing world. I have worked extensively with many organizations over the past 10 years on a variety of change projects. These can take a number of forms depending on the perceived urgency and desired extent of transformation. If you are in the Barcelona area, a good way to get started is via an introductory workshop as a way to become familiar with the methodology.

If you’re interested in working with me, I encourage you to contact me.

In-house consulting

Change is the only constant, so they say, but unfortunately resisting it comes rather naturally to most of us. With the rate of social and technological change increasing year over year, sustainable teams will be those who can change most effectively. How can you do that? I work with organizations and teams large and small to address this complex challenge using inclusive, participatory techniques.


The most sustainable and most powerful strategies are those that draw on the collective intelligence of the entire organization. But accessing that intelligence is not easy. In fact, sometimes our workplaces seem to do their best to limit us. Instead of inspiring collaboration, they inspire defensiveness, conformity, or other means of coping which hurt the long term sustainability of the organization.

A co-visioning workshop creates a safe setting where defenses can be put aside so that groups can envision an ideal, actionable future together.

Systems Thinking Workshops

Scientists are increasingly in agreement that everything is connected, and its connected nature means that making sense of even a seemingly simple issue can be quite complex. Systems thinking workshops take a number of forms that all aim to address to first highlight and then address this complexity. They can be used in conflict management, or when a diverse group of stakeholders need to work together on a project.


I offer customized training on areas of project management, organizational learning, supervisor management, and positive practice.