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Workshops, facilitation, coaching and training to support happy, resilient work.

I take on a select number of projects and training events throughout the year.

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Custom Workshops

Custom Workshops

Custom workshops are a good way to introduce larger groups to the basics of better work.

Facilitated Problem Solving

Facilitated Problem Solving

Using evidence-based practices, I can help your team tackle tough issues together, better. Whether individually or in large groups.

Skills Training

Skills Training

Does your team have the soft skills needed to thrive in today's ambiguous and dynamic environment? If not, I can help.
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Why me

Take a step foward to a better work.

Develop and adaptive mindset

You and your team will increase your ability to respond to even the most extreme events, one step at a time.

Learn Organizational Resilience

Resilience stems not from the ability to resist hardship, but to radically accept it. Learn to collectively and positively respond to stress and thrive even in hard times.

Experience Distributed Leadership

Develop your capacity to lead. That means more empowerment, less bureaucracy, and an increased ability to tap the collective intelligence of the team.

Discover Meaningful Work

Skilled work is meaningful work. Reinvigorate your team’s collective vision, driving you towards the goals that matter for you and your clients.

Working with me

Each of my projects are unique and adapted to the client's goals.

Reach out

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Initial Evaluation

No matter which modality you are interested in (workshop, training, or facilitation), we begin with an initial evaluation to tailor the approach to your needs.



We do the work! The nature of implementation will depend on your needs, but typically involves an initial assessment prior to the intervention itself.


Evaluation and Follow-up

After implementation, you will receive a summary of the intervention with key lessons and generally, a follow-up assessment to evaluate learning outcomes.