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You have reached my personal webpage.

This is a place where you can find more about me, my research, and my writings. In news you will find research notes and observations, and upcoming events!

I also offer a number of services to help teams perform better, adapt faster, and feel better through coaching, facilitated problem solving, and skills training. I am passionate about sharing the lessons I learn in the field with other practitioners, so most often, working with me involves becoming a part of the research process in one way or another.


Let's find out how can I help you

Custom Workshops

Custom Workshops

Custom workshops are a good way to introduce larger groups to the basics of better work.

Facilitated Problem Solving

Facilitated Problem Solving

Using evidence-based practices, I can help your team tackle tough issues together, better. Whether individually or in large groups.

Skills Training

Skills Training

Does your team have the soft skills needed to thrive in today's ambiguous and dynamic environment? If not, I can help.


" Ryan’s event on well-being in the PhD was a total success on our center. He helped us identify some of the problems associated with our doctoral studies with very clear hands-on methodologies. Additionally, he encouraged us to reflect on this difficulties, in groups and individually, to come up with some solutions to tackle them. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with someone with this knowledge and professionality!"

Pablo Bonilla, ICIQ
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For general questions and information about working with me, contact me through otulabs.com.

Barcelona, Spain